Forward Momentum Fitness is a daily core strength & conditioning program that emphasizes longevity and injury prevention, written by a physical therapist.


  • Getting back into exercise and not sure where to start?

  • On a budget and can’t afford a personal trainer or routine classes? 

  • Looking for a supplemental strength program to improve performance in your sport?

  • Intimidated by the local gym atmosphere?  

  • Want to workout at home but not sure what to do?

Whatever the reason, the Forward Momentum Fitness program might be the answer! ALL workouts are written by Lily, a licensed physical therapist, and all movements are scalable + modifiable to ANY level. Programming is delivered straight to your phone on a daily basis!

Workouts are safe and purposeful. And Forward Momentum requires only a limited amount of equipment so programming can be done at home, at the local gym, or at a friend’s garage!