Stone Coast Wellness began initially under the name Stone Coast CrossFit in 2012.  We wanted to provide high quality, safe workouts to the Midcoast community.  At the time Lily was working towards her doctorate degree in physical therapy and Nick had recently finished his tour in the Coast Guard.  We had goals of providing our clients with easy access to other wellness services - initially this came in the form of weekend yoga classes and developed into offering personal training, physical therapy, chiropractic care, nutrition coaching, and more.

Our mission is to cultivate the continuum of wellness for the Midcoast community under one roof.  We firmly believe that nutrition, exercise, sleep, and injury prevention are the core tenants of a healthy mind and body.  We facilitate training, education, and services for every client with experienced practitioners in each domain.  Our clients benefit from the one roof concept because each specialized practitioner has context and a deep understanding of the others’ services and can collaborate to provide the highest level of care.

Cheers and be well,

Lily & Nick